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Russia President Vladimir Putin’s Visit to China: Current Affairs Question and Answers on Strategic Partnership with Xi Jinping

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Today’s current affairs bring us news of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China. Putin arrived in Beijing with a brigade of military police on motorcycles, showcasing the strong alliance between the two authoritarian allies. The visit comes amidst Russia’s new offensive in Ukraine, with Putin emphasizing the importance of dialogue and negotiation in resolving the conflict. Stay tuned as Putin meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other top officials to further strengthen their “no limits” relationship.

1. Who is Vladimir Putin visiting in China?

– A. Xi Jinping
– B. Joe Biden
– C. Boris Johnson
– D. Emmanuel Macron

Answer: A. Xi Jinping

2. What is the purpose of Putin’s visit to China?

– A. To discuss trade agreements
– B. To show unity between Russia and China
– C. To attend a gala evening
– D. To visit historical sites

Answer: B. To show unity between Russia and China

3. What conflict did Putin mention being open to negotiations about?

– A. Conflict in Syria
– B. Conflict in Afghanistan
– C. Conflict in Ukraine
– D. Conflict in Iraq

Answer: C. Conflict in Ukraine

4. How long is Putin’s visit to China?

– A. One week
– B. Three days
– C. Two days
– D. Four days

Answer: C. Two days

What is the purpose of Vladimir Putin’s visit to China?

Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing for a two-day state visit to China to show unity between the authoritarian allies and hold meetings with Xi Jinping.

What did Putin say about negotiating over the conflict in Ukraine?

In an interview to Chinese media, Putin said the Kremlin is prepared to negotiate over the conflict in Ukraine and that such negotiations must take into account the interests of all countries involved, including Russia.

What is the current situation in Ukraine as Putin visits China?

As Putin visits China, Russia’s forces have pressed an offensive in northeastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, seeking a comprehensive, sustainable, and just settlement of the conflict through peaceful means.

Today's current affairs include Russian President Vladimir Putin's state visit to China. Putin arrived in Beijing with a brigade of military police escorting his motorcade, highlighting the strong alliance between Russia and China. The visit is seen as a show of unity, especially as Russia continues its offensive in Ukraine.

During his two-day visit, Putin is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other top officials to reaffirm their commitment to their close relationship. Putin expressed willingness to negotiate over the Ukraine conflict, stating that all countries involved must have their interests considered.

As Russia's forces continue their offensive in Ukraine, Putin emphasized the importance of seeking a peaceful resolution through dialogue. The visit includes a gala evening celebrating 75 years since the Soviet Union recognized the People's Republic of China, showcasing the long-standing friendship between the two nations. Putin's visit is described as a state visit from an "old friend" by China's state press.

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