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Donald Trump responds to Biden’s debates challenge in ‘beautiful Atlanta’: Current Affairs Question and Answers

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Today’s Current Affairs: Trump Accepts Biden’s Debate Challenge in Atlanta

Former US President Donald Trump has accepted incumbent Joe Biden’s challenge to debate ahead of the November 5 elections. Biden’s re-election campaign proposed two crucial debates, with Trump announcing his willingness to participate on Truth Social. The first debate is set to take place in beautiful Atlanta, with both leaders gearing up for a fiery showdown.

1. When did Biden propose the two crucial debates?

– A. In late May
– B. In late June
– C. In early August
– D. In mid-September

Answer: B. In late June

2. What did Trump call Biden in his post on Truth Social?

– A. Smart and capable
– B. Crooked
– C. Honest and transparent
– D. Hardworking

Answer: B. Crooked

3. When is the CNN-hosted debate between Biden and Trump scheduled to take place?

– A. June 15
– B. June 20
– C. June 27
– D. July 4

Answer: C. June 27

What did Biden propose in terms of debates with Trump?

Biden proposed two debates, one in late June and another in September, after Trump’s hush money trial and return from the G7 Summit.

How did Trump respond to Biden’s challenge for debates?

Trump called Biden the “worst” debater he has ever faced, criticized his policies, and expressed readiness to debate at the proposed times in June and September.

What did CNN announce regarding the Biden vs Trump debate?

CNN announced that Trump and Biden will face off in Atlanta on June 27, with no crowd present, starting at 9 p.m. ET. The panelists for the debate will be revealed later.

Today's Current Affairs brings the news of former US President Donald Trump accepting Joe Biden's challenge to a debate before the November 5 elections. Biden's campaign proposed two crucial debates, one in late June and another in September. Trump, in response, announced his readiness to debate Biden on Truth Social. Biden mentioned Wednesday as a potential debate day, coinciding with Trump's hush money trial break. Biden's campaign chair suggested a one-on-one debate format, excluding third-party candidates. Trump, on the other hand, criticized Biden's policies and expressed his eagerness for more than two debates. Both leaders have accepted an invitation for a CNN-hosted debate on June 27 in Atlanta. CNN confirmed the details of the debate, which will have no crowd present. Biden's campaign has started selling T-shirts with the slogan "Free on Wednesdays," referencing Trump's trial break day. With both leaders aiming for the White House, the upcoming debates are sure to be intense and closely watched.

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