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Patnaik’s Marathon Campaign: Current Affairs Question and Answers on 4 Back-to-Back Poll Rallies

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Today’s Current Affairs: Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, has been leading a silent but strong campaign against the BJP in the state. Addressing four back-to-back poll rallies, he sought blessings and votes from the people for the upcoming elections. Patnaik’s gentle approach and focus on welfare schemes have won the hearts of the people, despite the high-decibel campaign by rival leaders. Stay tuned for more updates on this political showdown!

## Which political party does Naveen Patnaik belong to?

– A) BJP
– B) Congress
– C) BJD
– D) AAP

Answer: C) BJD

## How many election meetings did Naveen Patnaik address in a single day?

– A) Two
– B) Three
– C) Four
– D) Five

Answer: C) Four

## What symbol did Naveen Patnaik ask people to vote for?

– A) Lotus
– B) Hand
– C) Conch
– D) Bicycle

Answer: C) Conch

## Which scheme did Naveen Patnaik promise to extend further if re-elected?

– A) Swachh Bharat
– B) Ayushman Bharat
– C) Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana
– D) PM Kisan Yojana

Answer: C) Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana

What is the campaigning style of Naveen Patnaik in Odisha?

Naveen Patnaik has been leading a silent campaign, addressing multiple rallies and interacting with people to get feedback on welfare schemes.

How does Naveen Patnaik communicate with the people during his rallies?

During his rallies, Naveen Patnaik communicates in a soft and suave manner, without attacking his rivals by name. He starts his speeches by invoking Lord Jagannath and ends with the phrase ‘Bande Utkal Janani’.

What promises did Naveen Patnaik make during his campaign meetings?

Naveen Patnaik promised free electricity for 90% of the state’s population from July 1st, extending the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana, and ensuring government employees receive the benefits of the BSKY if he takes over the government after June 4th.

How did Naveen Patnaik’s close aide, V K Pandian, criticize the opposition leaders?

V K Pandian accused the opposition leaders of making false promises, visiting the state like tourists only during elections, and then disappearing afterwards. He highlighted that Naveen Patnaik always remains with the people even after the elections.

Today's Current Affairs in Odisha saw Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik taking the lead in the election campaign against the BJP. Despite the high-pitched campaign by BJP leaders like Amit Shah, Patnaik has been quietly addressing back-to-back rallies, accompanied by his aide V K Pandian. Patnaik, known for his calm and gentle demeanor, spoke about the welfare schemes implemented by his government and urged people to support the conch symbol in the upcoming elections. He highlighted the achievements of his government, including free electricity for 90% of the population and the extension of healthcare schemes. Patnaik's subtle approach has garnered support from the people, with huge gatherings at his rallies. His opponent, BJP, was questioned about the rising prices of essential commodities during their tenure. Overall, Patnaik's focus on governance and development has resonated with the voters, making him a formidable force in the upcoming elections.

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