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Which Samsung Galaxy phones support PUBG 120 fps mode? | Current Affairs Question and Answers

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Today’s Current Affairs: PUBG: Mobile now supports playing at a 120 fps frame rate on select Galaxy smartphones. Version 3.2 of the game, released on May 13, introduced this high refresh rate option, offering a smoother gaming experience. Only a few Galaxy phones have received this 120 fps support, including the Galaxy S24 and S24+. Stay tuned for updates on more supported devices in the future. Download PUBG from the Galaxy Store, Play Store, or the official PUBG website for the latest gaming experience.

Which devices now support playing PUBG at a 120 fps frame rate?

– A. All Samsung Galaxy smartphones
– B. Only Galaxy tablets
– C. Select Galaxy smartphones
– D. All Android devices

Answer: Select Galaxy smartphones

Can you download PUBG: Mobile from the official PUBG website on your Galaxy smartphone?

– A. Yes
– B. No
– C. Only on certain models
– D. Only on iOS devices

Answer: Yes

Samsung Galaxy phones that can run PUBG at 120 fps

For those wondering, both the Exynos and Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ support PUBG’s 120 fps mode, not just the Snapdragon variants. We can assume the same will be true for any other Galaxy flagships that use both Exynos and Snapdragon chips and receive support for running PUBG at 120 fps in the future.

Download PUBG from the Galaxy Store or Play Store

PUBG: Mobile can be downloaded/updated from both the Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store on Galaxy smartphones. You can also download it directly from the official PUBG website, though taking this route will require you to download the complete installation file for the game and install it manually using a file manager app (such as Samsung My Files, which comes installed on all Galaxy phones).

Today's Current Affairs brings exciting news for gamers as PUBG: Mobile now supports playing the game at a super smooth 120 fps frame rate on select devices. Previously, the game only ran at a maximum of 90 fps on all devices until the recent version 3.2 update. The list of supported devices includes some Galaxy smartphones, such as the Galaxy S24 and S24+, which now allow players to experience the game at the higher frame rate.

It's worth noting that not all Samsung flagship phones launched since 2020 can run PUBG at 120 fps, only a few select models have received this support. Samsung has not yet confirmed if they plan to expand this feature to more devices in the future. The 120 fps option is currently not available on any Galaxy tablets, but updates may change this in the future. Gamers can download or update PUBG: Mobile from the Galaxy Store, Google Play Store, or the official PUBG website. So, grab your phone and get ready to experience PUBG in all its high-speed glory!

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