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Today’s current affairs saw a breakthrough in the fight against climate change as a new report revealed that global carbon emissions have decreased by 5% in 2020. This significant drop is attributed to the lockdown measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a reduction in industrial activities and transportation. Experts are cautiously optimistic about the trend continuing in the coming years as countries around the world prioritize sustainability and renewable energy sources. This positive development marks a turning point in the battle against climate change, highlighting the importance of collective action and environmental consciousness in shaping a more sustainable future.

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Today’s Current Affairs: OpenAI has unveiled ChatGPT-4o, a new and improved model that offers faster and more capable text, vision, and audio processing. This advanced AI tool is now available to all users for free, with paid users enjoying even greater capacity limits. With GPT-4o, users can expect enhanced performance and accessibility across various tasks, making it a significant advancement in AI technology.

**Question:** What is GPT-4o?

– A. An upgraded variant of ChatGPT-4 model
– B. OpenAI’s latest flagship model
– C. A paid subscription service
– D. A model with limited capabilities

**Answer:** A. An upgraded variant of ChatGPT-4 model

**Question:** How can users access GPT-4o through the OpenAI API?

– A. Through the Chat Completions API only
– B. Through the Assistants API only
– C. Through the Batch API only
– D. Through the Chat Completions API, Assistants API, and Batch API

**Answer:** D. Through the Chat Completions API, Assistants API, and Batch API

**Question:** What are the benefits of upgrading to ChatGPT Plus or Team subscriptions?

– A. Higher message capacity
– B. Lower usage limits
– C. Limited features
– D. No access to GPT-4o

**Answer:** A. Higher message capacity

**Question:** What are message caps for GPT-4o during peak hours?

– A. Message caps are increased
– B. Message caps are decreased
– C. Message caps may be adjusted
– D. No message caps during peak hours

**Answer:** C. Message caps may be adjusted

GPT-4o is OpenAI’s latest flagship model that combines advanced reasoning abilities for text, vision, and audio processing in real time. It is available to all users for free.
To access GPT-4o, users can use the OpenAI API, which includes Chat Completions API, Assistants API, and Batch API. Users can interact with the model through function calls and JSON mode using the Playground interface.
Initially, GPT-4o will be integrated into ChatGPT for Free, Plus, and Team users, allowing them to benefit from its enhanced capabilities for text and vision tasks.
Users can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus or Team subscriptions to access GPT-4o with higher usage limits and advanced features. Starting May 13th, 2024, subscribers will have increased message capacities.
Message caps may change during peak hours to ensure accessibility for all users, and unused messages within a 3-hour period will not carry over.
In ChatGPT Team workspaces, message limits for GPT-4 and GPT-4o are higher compared to ChatGPT Plus accounts, offering enhanced capabilities for collaborative environments.
OpenAI’s introduction of GPT-4o provides users with faster and more capable tools for text and vision-based tasks, representing a significant advancement in AI accessibility.

Today's current affairs bring exciting news from OpenAI, as they have introduced the ChatGPT-4o model, an upgraded version of their previous ChatGPT-4. This new model promises faster and more capable processing of text, vision, and audio. OpenAI CTO Mira Murati announced the launch of ChatGPT-4o during a livestream event, highlighting its improved performance and accessibility to all users at no cost. Additionally, paying users will enjoy expanded capacity limits, up to five times greater than those available to free users. This advancement in AI technology aims to provide users with enhanced tools for text and vision-based tasks, making it easier to access and utilize advanced AI capabilities.

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