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Stock Market Current Affairs: Question and Answers on Sensex, Nifty, IPO News & More

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Today’s Current Affairs

Stay updated with the latest news and events happening around the world. From market capitalization to net profit, find out all the important information you need to know. Just select the industry you are interested in and get all the details right at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on today’s current affairs!

What criteria can be used for screening companies?

  • Market Capitalisation
  • Net Sales
  • Net Profit
  • Total Assets

Answer: Market Capitalisation

Which industry sector can be selected for analysis?

  • Automobile – 2 & 3 Wheelers
  • Bank – Private
  • IT Services & Consulting
  • Real Estate Operations

Answer: IT Services & Consulting

What parameter is represented by the abbreviation EPS?

  • Excise
  • Employee Cost
  • Earning Per Share
  • Investments

Answer: Earning Per Share

Which category falls under the sector of Pharmaceuticals & Drugs?

  • Food & Drug Retailing
  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Pharmaceuticals & Drugs
  • Biotechnology & Medical Research

Answer: Pharmaceuticals & Drugs

What information is being collected in the form?

The form is collecting market information based on certain criteria and codes.

What is the purpose of the hidden input fields?

The hidden input fields are used to store specific codes related to the market information being selected.

What options are available in the first dropdown menu?

The first dropdown menu contains options such as Market Capitalisation, Net Sales, Net Profit, Total Assets, Excise, Other Income, Raw Materials, Power & Fuel, Employee Cost, PBDIT, Interest, Tax, EPS, Investments, Sundry Debtors, Cash/Bank, Inventory, Debt, and Contingent Liabilities.

What options are available in the second dropdown menu?

The second dropdown menu contains various industry codes such as Automobile, Banking, Aerospace & Defence, Agriculture, Airlines, Aluminium & Aluminium Products, and many more.

Today's current affairs bring news of a major breakthrough in the aerospace and defense industry. A leading company in this sector has reported a significant increase in market capitalization, indicating a positive trend in the market. This development highlights the growing importance of the aerospace and defense sector in today's economic landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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