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In today’s current affairs, a groundbreaking study has revealed that consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. The study, conducted by a team of researchers at a leading university, found that individuals who followed a plant-based diet experienced lower rates of these illnesses compared to those who consumed a diet high in processed foods and red meat. The findings highlight the importance of making healthy food choices for overall health and well-being. This research serves as a reminder of the impact our dietary habits can have on our long-term health outcomes.

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Today’s current affairs are filled with a mix of breaking news, political updates, and global events that are shaping the world we live in. From groundbreaking technology advancements to environmental concerns, there is no shortage of topics to stay informed about. Join us as we dive into today’s current affairs and explore the stories that are making headlines around the globe.

1. What is the capital of France?
A) London
B) Rome
C) Paris
D) Berlin

Answer: C) Paris

2. Which planet is known as the Red Planet?
A) Venus
B) Saturn
C) Mars
D) Jupiter

Answer: C) Mars

3. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Leonardo da Vinci
C) Pablo Picasso
D) Michelangelo

Answer: B) Leonardo da Vinci

4. What is the tallest mountain in the world?
A) Mount Kilimanjaro
B) Mount Everest
C) Mount Fuji
D) Mount McKinley

Answer: B) Mount Everest

5. What is the largest ocean on Earth?
A) Indian Ocean
B) Atlantic Ocean
C) Pacific Ocean
D) Arctic Ocean

Answer: C) Pacific Ocean

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Today's current affairs bring news of a breakthrough in renewable energy technology. Scientists have developed a new solar panel design that is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional models. This innovation could revolutionize the way we harness solar power and help combat climate change. With the demand for clean energy sources on the rise, this development is a significant step forward in creating a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates on today's current affairs.

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