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NASA’s First Chief AI Officer: Current Affairs Question and Answers

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Today’s Current Affairs: NASA Names David Salvagnini as Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

NASA has appointed David Salvagnini as its new chief artificial intelligence (AI) officer, expanding his previous role as chief data officer. Salvagnini will lead NASA’s efforts in utilizing AI tools to support missions, analyze data, and develop autonomous systems for spacecraft and aircraft. This appointment aligns with President Biden’s Executive Order on AI, ensuring responsible and innovative use of technology at NASA. Salvagnini will collaborate with government agencies, academic institutions, and industry partners to advance AI technology and enhance NASA’s missions.

## Question 1: Who has been named as NASA’s new Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer?

– A) Mark Zuckerberg
– B) Jeff Bezos
– C) David Salvagnini
– D) Elon Musk

Answer: C) David Salvagnini

Who is NASA’s new chief artificial intelligence officer?

David Salvagnini is NASA’s new chief artificial intelligence officer.

What was David Salvagnini’s previous role at NASA?

David Salvagnini used to be NASA’s chief data officer.

What is the purpose of using AI tools at NASA?

NASA uses AI tools to support mission and research projects, analyze data, develop systems for spacecraft and aircraft, and accelerate the pace of discovery.

Why is it important for NASA to remain at the forefront of AI advancement?

NASA believes it is important to remain at the forefront of AI advancement to guide responsible use of AI in space and on Earth for the benefit of humanity.

What will the new Chief AI Officer be responsible for at NASA?

The new Chief AI Officer will align the strategic vision and planning for AI usage, champion AI innovation, develop risk management, and collaborate with other agencies and experts to ensure NASA is on the cutting edge of AI technology.

What are some examples of how NASA is using AI technology for its goals and missions?

NASA is using AI technology to sift through Earth science images, search for data on planets outside our solar system, schedule communications from the Perseverance Mars rover, and more.

Today's current affairs bring exciting news from NASA as they announce the appointment of David Salvagnini as their new Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer. Salvagnini, who previously served as NASA's Chief Data Officer, will now be leading the agency's efforts in responsibly utilizing AI technology to benefit humanity both on Earth and in the cosmos. This move aligns with President Biden's Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence, highlighting NASA's commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation. With this new role, Salvagnini will work towards enhancing NASA's strategic vision for AI usage and fostering collaboration with government agencies, academic institutions, industry partners, and experts in the field. This appointment marks a significant step in NASA's journey towards leveraging AI technology to achieve its mission objectives, from analyzing Earth science data to exploring planets beyond our solar system.

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