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Today’s Current Affairs: Guard In Sachin Tendulkar’s VVIP Security Shoots Self In Neck: Report (Date)

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A tragic incident unfolds as a State Reserve Police Force jawan attached to Sachin Tendulkar’s security detail shoots himself in the neck

Question 1: Where did the State Reserve Police Force jawan allegedly shoot himself?

– A) At his workplace
– B) At a police station
– C) At his native home
– D) At a public event

Question 2: What time did the incident occur at the victim’s home?

– A) 12:00 pm
– B) 1:30 am
– C) 6:00 am
– D) 10:00 pm

Question 3: Who was the State Reserve Police Force jawan assigned to provide security for?

– A) A political leader
– B) A movie star
– C) A cricket legend
– D) A business tycoon

Question 4: What are the possible reasons being investigated for the alleged suicide?

– A) Work-related stress
– B) Personal reasons
– C) Financial problems
– D) Family issues

Question 5: What action is the SRPF likely to take in response to the incident?

– A) Conduct an independent inquiry
– B) Increase security measures
– C) Transfer all jawans
– D) File a lawsuit

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Where did the incident take place?

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Who was the State Reserve Police Force jawan attached to?

The security detail of cricket legend Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar

What was the jawan’s name?

Prakash Kapde

How did the jawan allegedly die?

He shot himself in the neck with his service gun

Who survived him?

His aged parents, wife, two minor children, a brother, and his family members

What time did the incident occur?

Around 1:30 am

What reasons are being probed for the alleged suicide?

Certain personal reasons

What is being done by the Jamner Police pending further investigations?

They have filed an accidental death report

Who is likely to conduct an independent inquiry into the incident?


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