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Current Affairs Today: Karnataka Woman Dragged Out Of House, Fatally Stabbed Days After Spurned Lover Warned Her Of Neha Hiremath Fate

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Today’s Current Affairs brings to light a tragic incident in Karnataka’s Hubballi city, where a 23-year-old man brutally stabbed a 21-year-old woman to death after she rejected his advances. The accused, identified as Vishwa alias Girish Sawant, carried out this heinous act in the presence of the victim’s family members. This shocking crime has once again raised concerns about the safety of women in our society. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

**Question 1: Who was the accused in the murder case of Anjali Ambigera?**

– A. Vishwa alias Girish Sawant
– B. Neha Hiremath
– C. Anjali’s grandmother
– D. Anjali’s sister

Answer: A. Vishwa alias Girish Sawant

**Question 2: What was the relationship between the accused and the victim in the case?**

– A. Colleagues
– B. Classmates
– C. Jilted lovers
– D. Neighbors

Answer: C. Jilted lovers

**Question 3: What did the accused do after stabbing Anjali in her house?**

– A. Fled the scene
– B. Surrendered to the police
– C. Tried to help her
– D. Called for medical assistance

Answer: A. Fled the scene

**Question 4: Why did the accused threaten Anjali with the fate of Neha Hiremath?**

– A. To rob her
– B. To scare her
– C. To get money from her
– D. To seek revenge

Answer: B. To scare her

What happened in the incident involving Anjali and Vishwa alias Girish Sawant?

Vishwa alias Girish Sawant barged into Anjali’s house, dragged her all over the house while kicking and stabbing her, and later pushed her into the kitchen where he attacked her again, ultimately leading to her death.

Why did Vishwa alias Girish Sawant commit the crime?

Vishwa alias Girish Sawant committed the crime because Anjali declined his courtship advances and he warned her of Neha Hiremath’s fate before stabbing her to death.

What actions were taken by the police in response to the incident?

The police have launched a manhunt for Vishwa alias Girish Sawant, who escaped from the scene after committing the crime. A case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against him, and teams have been formed to arrest him.

Today's current affairs report a tragic incident in Karnataka's Hubballi city where a 23-year-old man, Vishwa alias Girish Sawant, brutally stabbed a 21-year-old woman, Anjali Ambigera, to death. The accused barged into Anjali's house, attacked her while she slept, and dragged her all over the house, kicking and stabbing her. The killer then pushed her into the kitchen where he attacked her again. This horrifying incident occurred in the presence of Anjali's grandmother and two sisters. Vishwa, who had been pressuring Anjali to reciprocate his feelings, escaped from the scene and is currently at large. The police have launched a manhunt for him, and a case of murder has been registered against the accused. This shocking incident has once again raised concerns about the safety of women in the state, following the recent brutal murder of MCA student Neha Hiremath by a jilted lover in the same city.

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