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Current Affairs Today: 14 Hindustan Copper Limited officials rescued, 1 dead after mine lift collapses in Rajasthan (Date)

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Today’s Current Affairs: Tragedy struck in Rajasthan’s Neem Ka Thana as a mine lift collapsed, trapping 14 officials of Hindustan Copper Limited. While rescue teams managed to save 14 individuals, sadly one official lost his life in the incident. The rescue operation was a race against time, with personnel facing serious injuries and fractures. The collapsed lift, carrying a vigilance team and mine officials, plunged over 1,800 feet inside the mine due to a rope snap. The incident highlights the dangers faced by those working in hazardous environments, emphasizing the need for stringent safety measures.

1. How many officials of Hindustan Copper Limited were trapped inside the mine in Rajasthan?

– A) 10
– B) 15
– C) 20
– D) 25

2. How many officials were rescued by relief teams?

– A) 10
– B) 12
– C) 14
– D) 16

3. Where were the trapped personnel stuck at the Kolihan mine?

– A) 477 metres
– B) 577 metres
– C) 677 metres
– D) 777 metres

4. What caused the lift to collapse inside the mine?

– A) Mechanical failure
– B) Rope snapping
– C) Overloading
– D) Electrical malfunction

5. Who was among the trapped officials inside the mine?

– A) Chief Vigilance Officer
– B) Mine’s Deputy General Manager
– C) Journalist
– D) All of the above

Scroll Down Answers

1. How many officials of Hindustan Copper Limited were trapped inside the mine in Rajasthan?

Fourteen officials were trapped inside the mine in Rajasthan.

2. How many officials were rescued and how many were found dead?

Fourteen officials were rescued and one official was found dead.

3. How did the lift collapse inside the mine?

The vertical shaft carrying the 15 officials collapsed after one of its ropes snapped.

4. What injuries did some of the rescued personnel sustain?

Some of the rescued personnel sustained fractures to their arms and legs.

5. Who were some of the officials trapped inside the mine?

Some of the trapped officials included Chief Vigilance Officer Upendra Pandey, Khetri Copper Complex (KCC) unit head GD Gupta, and Kolihan Mine’s Deputy General Manager AK Sharma.

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