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Hardik’s comments on Dhoni reveal rift in MI, Gilchrist suggests Rohit Sharma as new leader in surprise twist

Former cricketer Adam Gilchrist weighs in on the controversy surrounding Hardik Pandya’s comments about MS Dhoni, suggesting a lack of support and uncertainty within Mumbai Indians. Gilchrist also presents a new theory about Rohit Sharma’s role in the team. Stay updated with the latest cricket news and analysis. Hardik Pandya faced a tough crowd at ...

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Dramatic Twist: Kuldeep Yadav spills shocking secret DRS pact with Rishabh Pant after controversial incident: ‘We’ve got each other’s backs’

Kuldeep Yadav opens up about his unique DRS understanding with Rishabh Pant after recent controversial incident. Find out how the two players have developed a special bond on the field. Kuldeep Yadav showed his magic on the field once again during Delhi Capitals’ IPL 2024 match against Lucknow Super Giants. The talented left-arm spinner took ...

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Shocking Twist: Hardik Pandya’s Stepbrother Brushes off Rs 4-Crore Cheating Claims as ‘Family Matter’

In a shocking twist, Hardik Pandya’s stepbrother dismisses Rs 4-crore cheating allegations as a ‘family matter’. Get the inside scoop on the misunderstanding that has rocked the cricket world. Cricketer siblings Hardik and Krunal Pandya’s stepbrother, Vaibhav Pandya, recently found himself in legal trouble after being accused of cheating them out of Rs 4 crore ...