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Former BCCI Selector Reveals Shocking Reason Why Mayank Yadav Isn’t Ready for Team India Yet – It’s All About His Temperament

Discover the latest statement from an ex-BCCI selector regarding Mayank Yadav’s readiness for the Indian team. Find out why his temperament is being questioned and why he may not be ready just yet. Stay informed with all the latest cricket news. Young tearaway pacer Mayank Yadav has been making waves in the Indian Premier League ...

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Former Cricketer Ian Bishop’s Game-Changing Plan Could Propel Rising Star Mayank Yadav Straight into Team India!

Ian Bishop’s groundbreaking idea has the potential to catapult ‘special talent’ Mayank Yadav into Team India at lightning speed. Discover how this revolutionary concept could change the face of cricket forever. Legendary West Indies cricketer Ian Bishop has proposed a groundbreaking idea to fast-track the emergence of talented pacer Mayank Yadav into the Indian senior ...