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Ben Stokes admits India’s skill outshone England’s in Ranchi defeat

England’s Ben Stokes reflects on the defeat to India in Ranchi, admitting that their opponents’ skill was superior on the day. A humble acknowledgment of India’s prowess in the match. Ben Stokes remained positive despite England’s loss in the fourth Test against India in Ranchi. The all-rounder refused to criticize his team’s second-innings batting performance, ...

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“If any big name thinks otherwise, they are fooling themselves” – Sunil Gavaskar makes bold claim on India’s Test team success

Legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar believes that India’s Test team has what it takes to dominate on the world stage. In a bold statement, he claims that any big name player who underestimates them will be proven wrong. Read on to find out more about Gavaskar’s thoughts on India’s Test team triumph. Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar ...

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Manjrekar praises India’s tactical brilliance in hard-fought victory: ‘We won the little battles inside the big battle’

Former Indian cricketer Manjrekar analyzes how India’s victory in the little battles paved the way for their success in the big battle on ESPNcricinfo. Learn how India’s strategic moves and team efforts led to their triumph in an easy to understand language. Ravi Shastri’s men have once again emerged victorious in the ongoing cricket battle, ...