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Legendary composer Hans Zimmer joins forces with AR Rahman for Ranbir Kapoor’s epic Ramayana – Get ready for a musical masterpiece like never before!

Get ready for a cinematic treat as Ranbir Kapoor takes on the iconic role of Lord Rama in the upcoming film Ramayana. This highly anticipated movie will also mark the Bollywood debut of legendary composer Hans Zimmer, collaborating with AR Rahman. Stay tuned for a musical and visual masterpiece that is sure to captivate audiences ...

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Disney and Reliance Join Forces in Epic Streaming Victory

Disney’s merger with Reliance is a game-changer in the streaming wars. With this partnership, Disney gains access to a vast library of content and a strong foothold in the Indian market. This move is a win-win for both companies and will undoubtedly shape the future of the entertainment industry. Disney and Indian conglomerate Reliance are ...