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Big Changes Ahead for Pakistan Cricket: Separate Coaches for Limited Overs and Tests on the Horizon; Gary Kirsten and Jason Gillispie Leading the Charge

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The Pakistan Cricket Board is considering hiring separate coaches for limited overs and test formats, with Gary Kirsten and Jason Gillespie leading the race. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development in Pakistani cricket!

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made a strategic decision to bring in separate foreign coaches for the red ball and white ball formats. The board is currently eyeing former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillispie and ex-South African batsman Gary Kirsten as the top contenders for these coaching positions.

The official advertisements for these coaching roles were released by PCB recently, inviting applications from both local and foreign candidates. The applicants must have at least five years of coaching experience at the domestic, international, or franchise level, along with a minimum of level two coaching credentials. Those with higher coaching qualifications will be given preference during the selection process.

Interestingly, PCB has reportedly already held discussions with Kirsten and Gillispie regarding these coaching roles. The board is keen on their long-term appointment and encourages them to formally apply for the positions.

Kirsten, who previously coached the Indian national team, is being considered for the white ball formats, while Gillispie is likely to lead the red ball team. PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi is ensuring a transparent and merit-based selection process, keeping the Board of Governors informed about all developments.

This move by PCB marks a departure from previous practices, where coaches were appointed without any formal advertisements. The emphasis now is on providing coaches with a proper contract and tenure to showcase their abilities without undue interference.

It is evident that PCB is taking a more professional approach towards team management, ensuring that the best coaching talent is recruited for the national team. With Kirsten and Gillispie in contention, Pakistani cricket fans can look forward to a new era of coaching excellence in their beloved sport.

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