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US Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s unforgettable encounter with Shah Rukh Khan at Mannat: A bond beyond borders

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Step into the world of Bollywood as US Ambassador Eric Garcetti shares his unforgettable experience of meeting Shah Rukh Khan at his iconic home, Mannat. Get an insider’s look at the meeting that left a lasting impression on Garcetti and discover the human side of the King of Bollywood.

When US Ambassador Eric Garcetti met Shah Rukh Khan during his visit to India, he was taken aback by the overwhelming adoration the actor receives across the country. The ambassador shared that his office went into a frenzy when they found out about his meeting with SRK, highlighting the superstar’s immense popularity.

During their conversation, Garcetti and Khan discussed cricket, as the actor is a part-owner of a team in Los Angeles. The ambassador was pleasantly surprised by the level of love and respect people in India have for Shah Rukh Khan.

Garcetti finds joy in experiencing Bollywood, cricket, and local cuisine during his time in India, emphasizing the importance of personal connections in building strong relationships between countries. He believes that these connections go beyond politics and contribute to a lasting bond between India and the US.

Reflecting on his visit to ‘Mannat’ in Mumbai, where he met SRK, Garcetti expressed his interest in Bollywood and the cultural impact of both Hollywood and Bollywood worldwide. He even joked about making his Bollywood debut after the engaging conversation with the superstar.

Overall, Garcetti’s encounter with Shah Rukh Khan not only showcased the actor’s widespread popularity but also highlighted the significance of building personal connections to strengthen international relationships. Through shared interests in entertainment and sports, the ambassador hopes to foster a deeper bond between India and the US.

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