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Unexpected Twist: Randeep Hooda’s Swatantra Veer Savarkar sees a Big Surge in Box Office Earnings on Day 10

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Witness a significant jump in box office collections on day 10 of Swatantra Veer Savarkar as Randeep Hooda’s powerful performance continues to mesmerize audiences. Stay updated with the latest Hindi Movie News on this historical biopic.

Randeep Hooda’s directorial debut film Swatantra Veer Savarkar, which showcases the life of freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, initially had a slow start at the box office. However, the movie has started to gain momentum with a significant increase in collections during its second weekend.

According to Sacnilk, Swatantra Veer Savarkar is expected to make Rs 1.90 crore on its tenth day of release. The film saw a 52.54 per cent occupancy in Hindi on Sunday, contributing to its total box office collection of Rs 15.85 crore.

Swatantra Veer Savarkar provides a cinematic representation of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a key figure in India’s fight for independence, known for his controversial yet impactful role. Randeep Hooda’s portrayal of Savarkar has been a focal point of discussions surrounding the movie.

Starring Randeep Hooda, Ankita Lokhande, and Amit Sial, the film has been released in both Hindi and Marathi languages, appealing to audiences in Delhi and various parts of the country. The glitzy screening of ‘Swatantra Veer Savarkar’ saw Randeep Hooda, Ankita Lokhande, and other Bollywood celebrities shining at the event.

Overall, Swatantra Veer Savarkar is gaining traction at the box office, showcasing the enduring appeal of stories centered around India’s freedom struggle. With its strong performances and engaging narrative, the film is poised to make a mark in the hearts of audiences nationwide.

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