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Sushmita Sen Reveals Salman Khan’s Endearing Gesture: ‘He Said I’ll Manage My Height’ as He Encouraged Her to Wear Heels Despite Height Difference

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In a recent revelation, Sushmita Sen shared an interesting anecdote about Salman Khan, proving that height doesn’t matter in Bollywood. Despite being significantly shorter than her, Salman Khan encouraged Sushmita to wear heels, assuring her that he would manage his own height. This incident showcases the camaraderie and support among actors in the industry. Find out more about this heartwarming story in the latest Bollywood news.

Sushmita Sen and Salman Khan have worked together in many films and have shared a warm friendship for many decades now. In a recent interview, Sushmita mentioned that Salman encouraged her to wear heels on screen with him, despite their director David Dhawan’s preference for her to wear flats. Sushmita found this aspect of Salman’s personality to be very progressive and appreciated his support.

During the filming of Biwi No 1, Sushmita recalled an incident where Salman would crack jokes in the middle of a scene, causing the co-actors to burst into laughter and forget their lines. Salman is known for his sense of humor and his ability to lighten the mood on set.

Sushmita and Salman have co-starred in films like Maine Pyaar Kyun Kia, Tumko Naa Bhool Payenge, and Biwi No 1. It was during Biwi No 1 that Sushmita’s iconic dialogue, “haye mera bachcha,” caught the attention of her fans. Interestingly, Sushmita revealed that this line was not scripted but was a spontaneous moment where she pulled Salman and said it. The director, David Dhawan, decided to keep the unplanned dialogue in the final cut.

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In this blog post, we discussed Sushmita Sen’s appreciation for Salman Khan’s progressive attitude and how he encouraged her to wear heels on screen. We also mentioned their fun moments on set and Sushmita’s iconic dialogue from the film Biwi No 1. Stay tuned to The Indian Express for more updates and news.

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