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Sunny Deol Breaks Silence on No Gadar 3, Border 2 Speculations: Here’s the Real Story

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In an exclusive interview, Sunny Deol addresses all the rumors surrounding the highly anticipated movies, No Gadar 3 and Border 2. Get ready to uncover the truth as the talented actor shares his insights and clears the air. Don’t miss out on this candid conversation that brings a human touch to the world of cinema.

Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 emerged as a blockbuster in 2023, breaking several records and marking his roaring comeback. The success of Gadar 2 led to speculation about the potential sequels, Gadar 3 and Border 2.

Rumors circulated that Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma had signed documents for Gadar 3 after finalizing the plot outline. Additionally, reports suggested that the makers of Border 2 had already started working on the script, drawing inspiration from a real-life incident.

However, Sunny Deol himself has addressed these rumors in a recent interview with Hindustan Times. He revealed that ever since Gadar was released, there have been constant rumors about sequels and triquels for various movies. He emphasized that he will personally announce any such projects and that people enjoy speculating.

Amidst the rumors of Gadar 3 and Border 2, reports also surfaced about Sunny Deol’s upcoming movie, Lahore 1947. Produced by Aamir Khan and directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, the film has been in the works for the past 15-17 years. Sunny Deol expressed his excitement about the project, stating that Gadar’s success has opened doors for all involved. He praised Rajkumar Santoshi’s talent and their successful collaboration on three different genre films in the past.

Sunny Deol acknowledged that people have high expectations, but he focuses on the subject and character rather than worrying about how it will be received. He emphasized that if he loves the subject, he will take on the role, without being insecure about whether or not it will be well-received.

It is worth noting that Sunny Deol and Rajkumar Santoshi have previously worked together on films like Ghayal (1990), Ghatak (1996), and Damini (1993).

With Sunny Deol’s clarification, it seems that the rumored sequels and triquel may not be happening anytime soon. However, fans can still look forward to his upcoming film, Lahore 1947, which has been in the making for several years.

Overall, Sunny Deol’s successful comeback with Gadar 2 has generated excitement among movie lovers, but it is important to separate fact from speculation when it comes to rumors about potential sequels and projects.

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