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Star Pulkit Samrat surprises Kriti Kharbanda’s family with heartfelt gesture of making ‘pehli rasoi’ halwa, leaving them emotional and touched by his simple act of love | Bollywood’s sweetest moment

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Pulkit Samrat surprises Kriti Kharbanda’s family by preparing ‘pehli rasoi’ halwa, leaving everyone emotional with his simple and heartfelt gesture. Watch this heartwarming moment unfold in Bollywood news.

Pulkit Samrat is setting the bar high when it comes to being a husband! The actor recently got married to Kriti Kharbanda and as part of the ‘pehli rasoi’ tradition, he made halwa (pudding) for her family. Kriti shared the heartwarming moment on Instagram, where Pulkit was captured busy in the kitchen, preparing the sweet dish.

In one picture, Pulkit is seen handling utensils near the gas stove, while another shows him holding a bowl of halwa. Kriti poured her heart out in the caption, expressing her love for Pulkit and how he surprised her with this thoughtful gesture.

Pulkit mentioned that since Kriti cooked for his family, it was now his turn to cook for hers. Their relationship is all about sharing equal responsibilities, breaking stereotypes, and supporting each other in every way possible.

The couple recently shared their official wedding pictures on social media, showcasing their love and bond. Pulkit looked dashing in a mint green sherwani, while Kriti looked stunning in a pink lehenga.

Pulkit’s simple yet meaningful gesture of making halwa for Kriti’s family truly reflects the love and respect he has for her. It’s the little things that matter the most in a relationship, and Pulkit’s gesture is a perfect example of that. Kriti couldn’t help but express her gratitude and admiration for her husband, making us all believe in the power of love and companionship.

In a world filled with grand gestures, it’s the simple ones that often leave a lasting impact. Pulkit Samrat’s sweet gesture of making halwa for Kriti Kharbanda’s family is a reminder that true love lies in the small, thoughtful actions we do for each other. Cheers to this adorable couple and their beautiful journey ahead!

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