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Shreyas Talpade’s Wife Reveals Heartwarming Gesture: Akshay Kumar’s Consistent Calls post Actor’s Heart Attack; Desires to Visit Him

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Shreyas Talpade’s wife reveals that Akshay Kumar showed immense care and concern by constantly checking up on her after her husband’s heart attack. She expresses her deep desire to meet him, as his support means the world to her. Learn more about this heartwarming bond between two Bollywood stars.

Actor Shreyas Talpade recently shared the overwhelming support he and his wife, Deepti Talpade, received from the Hindi and Marathi film industry during a challenging period. Deepti expressed gratitude towards Akshay Kumar, who consistently inquired about Shreyas’ health and insisted on moving him to a better-equipped hospital. Filmmaker Ahmed Khan and his wife also visited the hospital late at night, providing comfort and solidarity.

In an interview, Deepti Talpade disclosed the supportive gestures they received during Shreyas Talpade’s health crisis. Director Ahmed Khan and his wife visited the hospital late at night after the news broke. Akshay Kumar continuously checked on them, expressing his willingness to shift Shreyas to a better hospital. Akshay also insisted on seeing Shreyas personally in the morning. This incident showcased the collective support of the Hindi and Marathi film industry during a challenging time for the Talpade family.

Shreyas expressed his gratitude in previous interviews, stating that the way the film industry stood behind them was phenomenal. He had previously revealed that he was ‘clinically dead’ after the cardiac arrest and considered it his second chance at life. Shreyas is known for his roles in films like Om Shanti Om, Iqbal, Dor, and the Golmaal franchise. His upcoming project is the ensemble cast film Welcome To The Jungle, serving as the third installment in the Welcome film series.

Overall, the support and care shown by the film industry during Shreyas Talpade’s health crisis highlights the unity and compassion within the entertainment industry. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of human connection and support during challenging times.

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