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Shah Rukh Khan’s Mega-budget Movie Turns Sour: A Tale of Struggles and Tragedies

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Experience the rollercoaster journey of Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest flop, the film that earned only Rs 8 crore at the box office. Discover the untold story behind this ambitious project, which happened to be India’s most expensive film. Dive into the intriguing tale of a co-star’s unexpected jail time and the unfortunate demise of the director. Uncover the human touch behind the glitz and glamour of Bollywood as we unravel the trials and tribulations that surrounded this unforgettable cinematic experience.

Shah Rukh Khan, the reigning king of Indian cinema, has had an illustrious career spanning close to three decades. Known for delivering blockbuster hits, he is undoubtedly the biggest box office draw in the country. However, even the most successful stars have their fair share of failures. In 1995, Shah Rukh experienced his biggest flop ever, a film that also happened to be India’s most expensive at the time.

The film in question was “Trimurti,” directed by Mukul S Anand. Made on a whopping budget of Rs 11 crore, it surpassed previous records held by films like “Ajooba” and “Shanti Kranti.” Interestingly, “Trimurti” even created history by becoming the first Indian film to earn Rs 1 crore in a single day. However, despite the massive hype and record-breaking opening, the film failed to sustain its momentum and ended up earning a disappointing Rs 8 crore at the box office.

“Trimurti” starred Shah Rukh Khan, Jackie Shroff, and Anil Kapoor as three brothers seeking revenge. The film was initially supposed to feature Sanjay Dutt, but due to his legal troubles, Anil Kapoor stepped in as his replacement. This unfortunate change in the cast, coupled with production delays, led to an inflated budget and diminished buzz surrounding the film.

For Mukul S Anand, “Trimurti” was a significant project, marking his directorial swan song. He had previously helmed successful films like “Hum,” “Agneepath,” and “Khuda Gawah,” all starring Amitabh Bachchan. Tragically, “Trimurti” turned out to be his final directorial venture. He went on to produce two more films, “Army” and “Prithvi,” but never got the chance to complete his comeback project, “Dus,” starring Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. In September 1997, at the age of 45, Mukul S Anand passed away due to a heart attack, leaving a void in the industry.

Despite its failure, “Trimurti” remains a significant chapter in Shah Rukh Khan’s career. It serves as a reminder that even the biggest stars can stumble, and the film industry is a fickle business. Nevertheless, Shah Rukh’s superstardom continues to shine bright, and he has bounced back from this setback with numerous successful films since then.

In conclusion, “Trimurti” may have been Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest flop and India’s most expensive film at the time, but it also serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of the movie business. While the film didn’t live up to its expectations, it remains a part of Shah Rukh’s journey, showcasing his resilience and ability to bounce back stronger than ever.

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